The Teeny Weanie Sunflower Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

Hey Guys!

I’m back with a new teeny weanie wall hanging pattern! I know I say this about most of my patterns (because I may or may not be a little biased ;)) but this might be my favorite teeny weanie to date. This teeny weanie celebrates the unofficial flower of fall, the sunflower!

Seriously, who doesn’t love sunflowers. They are literally the happiest of flowers. As a matter of fact, I love this flower so much that I made a full size version of this sunflower wall hanging because of course I did, lol. Chances are if there is a mini or a teeny weanie crochet pattern on my blog it is inspired by a bigger full sized version!

For the full sized version of the sunflower wall hanging pattern click here!

I tried so hard to add the fun textured detail to the middle of the teeny weanie sunflowers, but it kept coming out really awkward and took a lot of the cuteness away from the piece. Because lets be honest this pattern is so stinkin adorable! (if I dont say so myself:))

I truly hope you all love this pattern as much as I do and it brings you so much happiness.

Happy Crocheting!

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You can purchase the Printable PDF on Etsy here! The PDF includes the complete step-by-step pattern so you can follow along on paper, highlighting and making notes as needed. It is a total of 7 pages, including the front and back cover pages. I’ve also included a PDF download of the chart for this pattern.


*4.50 mm Crochet Hook

Weight 4 Worsted Weight Yarn (yarn I used is listed below)

Dowel Rod or Tree Branch (cut to size)

*Yarn Needle


*Hand Steamer (optional)

Yarn Choice

For most of my wall hanging patterns I prefer to use a thicker and tighter spun worsted weight yarn. I feel like it gives a lot more definition to the piece and details tend to stand out more. I really don’t focus too much on the texture of the yarn because I steam every single one of my wall hangings, which softens the piece and makes it more flexible and flowy. This is especially helpful for tighter crocheters. The brands I tend to gravitate the most towards are Red Heart Super Saver, Loops & Threads Impeccable and We Crochet Brava Worsted.

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For this wall hanging I used the following yarn:

We Crochet Brava Worsted in White- approx. 20 yards

We Crochet Brava Worsted in Canary- approx. 10 yards

We Crochet Brava Worsted in Caution- approx. 10 yards

We Crochet Brava Worsted in Sienna- approx. 10 yards

Stitch Key (US Terms)

Ch = Chain

St/sts = Stitch(es)

Sc = Single Crochet

Color Abbreviations

W = White

CA = Canary

CN = Caution

S = Sienna

Special Notes

-The wall hanging is worked in rows.

-The wall hanging is worked from the bottom up.

-The 1st st of each row should be placed into the same stitch as the turning chain.

-The turning chain does not count as the 1st stitch of the row.

-The wall hanging is worked in single crochet.

-The pattern is written as: # of single crochet stitches (color abbreviation), example: 8 (W) means 8 sc in the color White.

-The odd rows are the right side rows. Even rows will be the wrong side.

To learn how to do a seamless color change click here!

Dimensions: 4.5 inches wide x 5.5 inches long (not including fringe)

Gauge: 15 sts x 18 rows = 4 inch square worked in single crochet.


I have created a chart for this pattern for those who prefer to follow a chart rather than a written pattern. The PDF version of this chart is included with the pattern purchase in my Etsy shop. Here is the free online version for you to use.

Begin by chaining 20 in White

Row 1: Working in the foundation chain, 6 (W), 5 (CA), 1 (CN), 7 (S). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 2: 7 (S), 7 (CA), 5 (W). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 3: 6 (W), 5 (CA), 1 (CN), 7 (S). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 4: 1 (CN), 5 (S), 7 (CN), 6 (W). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 5: 6 (W), 4 (CN), 3 (CA), 1 (CN), 3 (S), 1 (CN), 1 (CA). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 6: 1 (CA), 2 (CN), 1 (CA), 2 (CN), 4 (CA), 3 (CN), 6 (W). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 7: 8 (W), 5 (CA), 1 (CN), 3 (CA), 1 (CN), 1 (CA). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 8: 2 (CN), 3 (CA), 2 (CN), 4 (CA), 8 (W). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 9: 8 (W), 3 (CA), 3 (CN), 3 (CA), 2 (CN). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 10: 2 (CN), 3 (CA), 3 (CN), 11 (W). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 11: 11 (W), 3 (CN), 3 (CA), 2 (CN). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 12: 3 (W), 1 (CA), 15 (W). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 13 – Row 15: 19 (W). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 16: 15 (W), 1 (CA), 3 (W). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 17: 2 (CN), 3 (CA), 3 (CN), 11 (W). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 18: 11 (W), 3 (CN), 3 (CA), 2 (CN). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 19: 2 (CN), 3 (CA), 3 (CN), 3 (CA), 8 (W). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 20: 8 (W), 4 (CA), 2 (CN), 3 (CA), 2 (CN). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 21: 1 (CA), 1 (CN), 3 (CA), 1 (CN), 5 (CA), 8 (W). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 22: 6 (W), 3 (CN), 4 (CA), 2 (CN), 1 (CA), 2 (CN), 1 (CA). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 23: 1 (CA), 1 (CN), 3 (S), 1 (CN), 3 (CA), 4 (CN), 6 (W). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 24: 6 (W), 7 (CN), 5 (S), 1 (CN). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 25: 7 (S), 1 (CN), 5 (CA), 6 (W). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 26: 5 (W), 7 (CA), 7 (S). Ch 1, turn. (19)

Row 27: 7 (S), 1 (CN), 5 (CA), 6 (W). (19)

  • Fasten off after Row 27 leaving at least a 2 foot tail.

Attaching the Fringe

  • To create the fringe cut 12 inches pieces of yarn in White. You will need 3 strands to complete 1 fringe.

To attach the fringe, grab 3 strands of yarn in White. With a crochet hook, push the hook through the far left foundation chain. Fold the 3 strands of yarn in half, looping the middle of the strands onto the crochet hook.

Fold the strands through the loop.

Tighten to create the fringe.

Repeat for every other foundation chain.

Hanging the Project

To attach the dowel rod or tree branch; using a yarn needle, weave the tail over the dowel/branch and back under into the 1st stitch of the top of the wall hanging.

Repeat for each stitch on the top of the wall hanging. Knot off and weave in your ends.

To hang the project drill 2 small holes on either side of the branch/dowel. Thread through both holes with cotton yarn and knot off both ends. Trim the excess yarn. (Feel free to use your preferred method of hanging the project)


For more crochet wall hanging patterns click here!


  • Tenna

    Thank you so much for your patterns, so easy to do for a beginner like me , I love sunflower, I made your teeny diamond wall hanging In mint green , your written patterns are so easy to follow, thanks so much

  • Kate

    I was wondering if you can explain to me how to change colors along the edges of the pattern so you do not see the color from the row below. Thank you.

    • Amanda

      Be sure the crochet over the color change on the edge when color changing in the second stitch of the next row. Also, make sure to give it a tug to tighten so the color doesn’t peek through on the right side of the work. Hope this helps!

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