The Little Ladybug Mug Rug Crochet Pattern

Alright I’m going to be honest. I am not a huge fan of critters. Furry critters are great but the creepy crawlies are not the vibe. Bugs yall…I’m talking about bugs, lol. There are very few bugs I will tolerate and ladybugs are absolutely at the top of the list. Oh and butterflies!

Which only seems fitting that the next critter to be a featured mug rug theme is the ladybug or ladybird depending on what part of the world you call home. Introducing the Little Ladybug Mug Rug Crochet Pattern. If you’ve been here awhile you know ladybugs have been a theme in a couple of my designs.

Check out the Ladybugs in the Spring Wall Hanging here!

And I’m pretty sure this will not be the last design with ladybugs in it so If ladybugs are your thing stick around while! Now go on and crochet yourselves some adorable ladybug coasters of your own. Happy Crocheting!

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You can purchase the Printable PDF on Etsy here! The PDF includes the complete step-by-step pattern so you can follow along on paper, highlighting and making notes as needed. It is a total of 8 pages, including the front and back cover pages. I’ve also included a PDF download of the chart for this pattern.


*4.50 mm Crochet Hook

Weight 4 Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn (yarn I used is listed below)

*Yarn Needle


*Hand Steamer (optional)

Yarn Choice

For most of my patterns I prefer to use a thicker and tighter spun worsted weight yarn. I feel like it gives a lot more definition to the piece and details tend to stand out more.

For this pattern I used the following yarn:

-Loops & Threads Everyday Cotton in Chiffon – approx. 40 yards

-Loops & Threads Everyday Cotton in Black – approx. 20 yards

-Loops & Threads Everyday Cotton in Tomato – approx. 40 yards

Stitch Key (US Terms)

Ch = Chain

St/sts = Stitch(es)

Sc = Single Crochet

Color Abbreviations

C = Chiffon

B = Black

T = Tomato

Special Notes

-The mug rug is worked in rows.

-The mug rug is worked from the bottom up.

-The 1st st of each row should be placed into the same stitch as the turning chain.

-The turning chain does not count as the 1st stitch of the row.

-The pattern is written as: # of single crochet stitches (color abbreviation), example: 8 (T) means 8 sc in Tomato.

-The odd rows are the right side rows. Even rows will be the wrong side.

To learn how to do a seamless color change click here!

Dimensions: 4.5 inches wide x 4.5 inches long (not including fringe)

Gauge: 16 sts x 19 rows = 4 inch square worked in single crochet.


I have created a chart for this pattern for those who prefer to follow a chart rather than a written pattern. The PDF version of this chart is included with the pattern purchase in my Etsy Shop. Here is the free online version for you to use.

Begin by chaining 18 in Chiffon.

Row 1: sc in the 2nd ch from hook and in each chain across. Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 2: 6 (C), 5 (B), 6 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 3: 4 (C), 3 (T), 3 (B), 3 (T), 4 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 4: 3 (C), 5 (T), 1 (B), 5 (T), 3 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 5: 2 (C), 3 (T), 2 (B), 1 (T), 1 (B), 1 (T), 2 (B), 3 (T), 2 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 6: 1 (C), 4 (T), 2 (B), 1 (T), 1 (B), 1 (T), 2 (B), 4 (T), 1 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 7: 1 (C), 7 (T), 1 (B), 7 (T), 1 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 8: 1 (C), 2 (T), 2 (B), 3 (T), 1 (B), 3 (T), 2 (B), 2 (T), 1 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 9: 1 (C), 2 (T), 2 (B), 3 (T), 1 (B), 3 (T), 2 (B), 2 (T), 1 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 10: 1 (C), 7 (T), 1 (B), 7 (T), 1 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 11: 1 (C), 4 (T), 2 (B), 1 (T), 1 (B), 1 (T), 2 (B), 4 (T), 1 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 12: 2 (C), 3 (T), 2 (B), 1 (T), 1 (B), 1 (T), 2 (B), 3 (T), 2 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 13: 3 (C), 5 (T), 1 (B), 5 (T), 3 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 14: 4 (C), 3 (T), 3 (B), 3 (T), 4 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 15: 5 (C), 7 (B), 5 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 16 – Row 17: 6 (C), 5 (B), 6 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 18: 5 (C), 2 (B), 3 (C), 2 (B), 5 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 19: 1 (C), 2 (B), 1 (C), 2 (B), 5 (C), 2 (B), 1 (C), 2 (B), 1 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 20: 2 (C), 3 (B), 7 (C), 3 (B), 2 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

Row 21: 17 (C). Ch 1, turn. (17)

  • Fasten off after Row 21 and weave in your ends.

Attaching the Fringe

  • To create the fringe cut 8 inch pieces of yarn in Chiffon. You will need 3 strands to complete 1 fringe.

To attach the fringe, grab 3 strands of yarn. With a crochet hook, push the hook through the far left foundation chain/stitch. Fold the 3 strands of yarn in half, looping the middle of the strands onto the crochet hook.

Fold the strands though the loop.

Tighten to create the fringe.

Repeat for every other chain/stitch.

Repeat on the other side of the mug rug.


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